''I discovered Criollo drinking cacao in November 2015,  through my fascination  with plant medicines & shamanism.  I had been sitting with the Mother of all plant  medicines, Ayahuasca, for nearly the entire  year, which had profoundly impacted my life. Determined to discover a non-hallucinogenic Amazonian plant that positively affected human consciousness, my readings led me to this gentle yet powerful plant CACAO. 

In my studies of Cacao, I quickly discovered that the Mayans have been drinking cacao for centuries for spiritual and health purposes. But not just any cacao, whole-bean criollo cacao. I also learned that the chocolate we eat today is actually not from native cacao beans, but rather from genetically-modified beans so that they are more resistant to bacteria and much cheaper to control. Beyond intrigued, I found a criollo cacao source in Guatemala, and after a month and a half of waiting, it arrived at my door step.....

Upon my first sip, I was in love. I began working with her regularly (yes, the 'spirit' of Cacao is feminine), and felt her healing my heart, opening me up to the infinite possibilities of this realm, and connecting me back to mySelf, Others, Nature, and my Purpose.

Due to the long, complicated ordering process of Guatemalan cacao, I set out to make it simpler. My first trip to Guatemala reinforced my passion for this plant, for the people behind it, and for the need to bring it to the Western World in a new way. 

Now, my partner and I are guided by the spirit of Cacao daily to bring her to the people. As a part of our calling, we hold regular Cacao Ceremonies to invite others into their heart-space with this sacred (and delicious!) plant. To date, we have seen hundreds of lives impacted by this Plant Deva, Cacao, including ourselves as we continue our intimate relationship with her. 

I feel as though my work with cacao is truly a 'calling,' and in that I am incredibly honored & humbled to be the one that is called. KAKAO is a beautiful brand with tremendous impact. And the plant itself....well, you'll just have to fly her to know. Xx'' 

- Makenzie, Founder of KAKAO