Creating Your Own Cacao Practice

Creating Your Own Cacao Practice
For creating your own KAKAO practice, we recommend the following structure:

1. Measure and blend your KAKAO. As you prepare your KAKAO, start to get present to your 'why' for working with KAKAO in the first place. Contemplate your intention. Remember, always use a blender that's safe for hot liquids.
2. Offer gratitude. It took a lot for your KAKAO to arrive at your doorstep. Many hands were involved in making this possible. Make sure to give gratitude to the Earth for creating such a heart-activating, potent plant medicine, Cacao for leaving the jungle to make her way to your respective place on Earth, the indigenous wisdom keepers for protecting and preserving cacao all these years, the cacao farmers for tending to, harvesting, and fermenting the cacao, the drivers that transported your fermented cacao beans from the jungle all the way to our manufacturing facility, the team that then roasted, cracked, and processed those beans into cacao nibs, the next team that transformed those nibs into our finished product, the drivers that transported that finished product to the airport, the customs agents that cleared it, the pilot that then flew your product all the way to Phoenix, the driver that delivered it from the airport to our fulfillment center, the fulfillment team that packaged and shipped your product once it was ordered, and last but not least, the delivery driver that delivered your KAKAO to your doorstep. There was so much that had to come together for KAKAO to find its way into your hands. Give gratitude. There's so much to be grateful for!
3. Set your intention. What do you desire to experience with your KAKAO today? What do you desire to feel? What do you desire to create? Sample intentions: - My intention is to relax and let myself rest. - My intention is to be present and quiet my mind - My intention is to spark my creativity as I work on x, y, and z. - My intention is to feel and let my emotions flow. - My intention is to... you get the picture! Set one or one hundred intentions, it doesn't matter. Just make sure that, whatever your intention is, it's something meaningful to you.
4. Invite the Spirit of Cacao into your heart. Before you take your first sip, invite the essence of KAKAO into your body. Say "yes" to the Spirit of Cacao and welcome her into your heart. You can do this verbally, out loud, or silently in your head. Prepare your body, heart, mind, and spirit to receive the KAKAO you are about to ingest.
5. Follow your intuition. Feel like dancing? Dance. Journaling? Journal. Working on your brand new passion project that's coming through? Work. No matter what you choose to do, let your intuition be your guide. There is no right or wrong way to work with KAKAO. There's only the way that feels most aligned for you. Trust that.



Group Ceremonies

To have a ceremony with a group, make the KAKAO in a large pot & use an immersion blender if you have one. Sit in a circle. You may use the above structure as a guide. From there you can open up a sharing circle, allowing KAKAO to work its magic. Encourage everyone to share what's on their heart, what has been coming up for them lately, any intentions the group can hold space for, or whatever else you feel inspired to prompt.


1:1 Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremony is also a great way to connect deeper with your romantic partner or to inspire heart-centered conversations with loved ones. Kids are welcome too!