What to do when your KAKAO shows up melted, hardened, or not in granular form

Due to extreme temps, your KAKAO shipment could show up melted.

With true ceremonial-grade cacao, this is totally normal and expected! 

Please Note:

Most ceremonial grade cacao comes in a block, so this process outlined below is actually quite normal. The KAKAO Team puts extra time and resources into bringing our product into a granular form, but the downfall of this is that the work gets reversed any time the product is exposed to excess heat.

You can absolutely still enjoy your KAKAO and receive its potent healing benefits. We have loyal customers of many years that are used to this process in the summer, as they know that KAKAO is the highest quality ceremonial grade cacao on the market. It is already expensive enough considering we pay BEYOND 'fair trade' prices to our farmers, as cultivating true heirloom cacao is much different than commodity cacao. If we were to add enough ice packs and insulated boxes to keep it from melting, it would add at least an additional $25. plus the materials which aren't super sustainable.
Let me know your thoughts and if you have other questions. I (Makenzie) am here to help and ensure you have the best experience possible with this cacao medicine that is near and dear to my heart.

If you have received a bag that has melted and/or re-hardened, we have included step by step instructions for you below.

Even if your KAKAO has melted, it is still entirely safe to consume and some of the most delicious, potent, and pure product we have created to date.

With that said, we understand that it’s not the most convenient thing to have to chop or food process your KAKAO. We believe that the silver lining in all of this is that it gives everyone (including us) a chance to have a more intimate exchange with their KAKAO. To slow down a bit, use your hands, take a pause in the busyness of life, put on some music, and infuse your own intentions and energy into your KAKAO.

Below we have included instructions and important details on how to break up your bag of KAKAO if it does end up on your doorstep not in its standard granular form.

1. First, make sure it has completely cooled down ~ You can place your KAKAO in the refrigerator to help it harden/re-solidify.

2. Break up the KAKAO using a knife & cutting board. You can use a knife to shave the edges into flakes. Optional (but ideal!): If you have a food processor, this will blitz the KAKAO quickly and easily. Just be sure to not run the food processor too long as the excess heat produced by the food processor may end up re-melting the KAKAO.

3. After bringing it back into granular form, stir and mix it up very well to ensure all the ingredients and cocoa butter are evenly dispersed. When our product melts, the cocoa butter can separate and concentrate in one part of the bag. Therefore, it's very important to mix the KAKAO all together again to ensure consistent taste and texture.

4. Tip: Instead of using a tablespoon to measure out your KAKAO, use a small kitchen scale! 40 grams of KAKAO is a full dose. Adjust to your preferences as needed.