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INTRO GUIDE: How To Host A Cacao Gathering

INTRO GUIDE: How To Host A Cacao Gathering

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Whether you are new to cacao or a drinking chocolate aficionado, this 13-page PDF guide is the perfect starting place to learn the practical steps for introducing cacao to your loved ones or your community at large. Learn the basic tools required to effectively share with your community, identify a space, create sacred space, prepare KAKAO for a group, prepare yourself to lead, and deliver flawlessly.

Aside from our formal trainings, this PDF document was designed to be an all inclusive one-stop shop for all the resources you may need to introduce cacao to your people. We've done the heavy lifting to bring all the resources we've utilized over the last seven years into one comprehensive document so that you could focus on what matters to you, hosting KAKAO gatherings for your loved ones.

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A safe space to drop into your heart and receive.

Meet your soul family ~ like-hearted humans that can elevate your spirit, mission and gifts.

Permission to express your full self and be met with unconditonal love and acceptance.

Deeper connection to self and others through a conscious sharing circle facilitated by Makenzie/guests

Learn more about whole bean, heirloom drinking cacao and cultivate a deeper relatonship with it.

About Us and Our Style of Facilitating

Our spaces are a zero-fluff space to simply drop in and connect with other like-hearted humans.

We intentionally cultivate an inclusive space that allows people from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate fully.

We are passionate about 'keeping it real.' We are committed to embodying a truly grounded, calm presence, free from spiritual ego or performance.

We believe the cacao and the group as a whole facilitates itself organically, while we get the honor of providing the safe container for the beauty to emerge naturally.


What is KAKAO and how is it different?

Learn what true ceremonial grade cacao is and what makes it so powerful.

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    Please note that we source our cacao from wild farms and the taste may change from time to time. Please allow for a small adjustment period, especially if you’ve been working with other types of cacao recently. KAKAO is committed to sourcing directly from small wild farms and honoring the origins of this sacred gift from Mother Earth.


    *NOTE ON MELTED KAKAO: If you receive your KAKAO and it has melted back into paste/block form, please click here for instructions. There are no refunds or exchanges for melted KAKAO, as it is entirely safe and up to par with our standards of taste, texture and quality.