1-on-1 KAKAO Ceremony with Michael McPherson

1-on-1 KAKAO Ceremony with Michael McPherson

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Cacao is sacred heart medicine. Every time we sit in ceremony we are invited to go deeper into the hidden aspects of ourselves, to turn and face our deepest shadows, remember our own childlike innocence, and surrender to the divine love that longs to wrap us up in its endless ecstatic embrace. 

Each of us in on our own unique journey, learning to embody our truths, birth our inner gifts, and awaken to the unique purpose for which we came. At times on the journey we can feel stuck, dissatisfied, lost, or confused. Not to worry, it's all part of the process! In times like these (and at all times really) it's important to be able to access our own inner-being or higher guidance. 

Whether we realize it or not, each of us have a cadre of spiritual beings surrounding us at all times guiding us along each step of our chosen path. Well equipped and perfectly suited to serve us, these beings (including our soul) offer us constant guidance on everything related to us, the only condition being that we tune in our vibrational frequency to that of theirs in order to receive their communications.

The intention of this 1-on-1 cacao ceremony is to allow the Spirit of Cacao to open our hearts to receive the frequency of our inner-beings. In doing so we will have freedom to interpret any and all messages from Spirit, to tap into the lessons we are being provided through our current and/or past life experiences, release any present emotional energy limiting our freedom and no longer serving our highest purpose, receive in the moment guidance from Spirit regarding any topic relevant to our lives, and open our hearts to approach and receive all of life from a place of heart-centered consciousness. At this level of frequency, and in partnership with this sacred plant medicine, truly anything is possible. Together we will co-create a magical experience that leaves both of us feeling fulfilled and completely in-tune with the true essence of our being.

Requirements for this interactive cacao ceremony include:

- an open, ready, and generous heart

- a strong desire to live, love, and lead from a place of heart-centered consciousness

- total transparency

- a willingness to be real and dive into the human 'shadow'

- an unwavering commitment to leave the call completely transformed

- a surrendering of any and all preconceived expectations

- belief in magic


This ceremony will be completed in-person or over Zoom. Half of the proceeds of this ceremony will be donated to the non-profit, KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. The other half will go directly to Michael. The cost of this product includes 60 minutes of private ceremonial time, however, calls may go over 60 minutes depending on the nature of the interaction. An email or text communication will be sent to you upon completion of your purchase to coordinate the best fitting date and time for your personal cacao ceremony. 


Michael is not a guru, not a sage, not a spiritual teacher, and is definitely not interested in being the source of anyone else's connection to Spirit, other than his own of course ;). That being said, given his background in human education & development, work with plant medicines, long standing relationship with the Spirit of Cacao, and personal journey of introspection, contemplation, and awakening to new levels of awareness, Michael is uniquely equipped to help guide anyone seeking back to their own divine connection with Source. His approach is to simply allow the Spirit of Cacao and our own divine inner knowings to work their magic! He does not claim to treat, heal, cure, or ascend anyone or anything; only to trust completely in the divine and the divine nature of being a vessel for Spirit. 


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