Personal KAKAO Ceremony w/ Makenzie Marzluff (Includes 2 servings KAKAO)

Personal KAKAO Ceremony w/ Makenzie Marzluff (Includes 2 servings KAKAO)

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Do you desire personalized guidance in your journey with the Royal Cacao Deva? Would you like someone to hold the beautiful intentions of your heart alongside you? Makenzie, Founder of KAKAO, is now offering one-hour virtual cacao ceremonies to help you dive deep into your own intimate relationship with this goddess plant. 

The intention of these sessions is for you to Optimize the Manifesting & Healing Power of your daily KAKAO ceremony. You will: 

- Learn how to 'set space' for your daily KAKAO ceremony.

- Learn how to set your intentions & invite the cacao spirit into your heart, resulting in. 

- Learn how to open your heart chakra utilizing breath work & power of intention.

- Dive deep into the desires of your soul & the next level of your Soul's purpose by merging with the cacao spirit herself.

- Get the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the cacao, personal ceremonies, and/or your spiritual path & life's purpose.

There are no limitations in these sessions. Makenzie asks that you come ready to open, to hear the voice of your soul, and to embody your fullest potential. 

Upon purchasing your session, Makenzie will reach out to determine day/time and discuss details. 

For any questions, please email Makenzie at or call 480 436 2919.

**Includes 2 Single-Serve KAKAO sachets shipped to your door! 


Makenzie Marzluff is a Conscious Entrepreneur who is passionate about merging the two worlds of Spirituality & Business. Her company Delighted By Hummus & non-profit KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate are breathing examples of just how good life can be when you choose to 'spread your glitter.' Featured in hundreds of articles including Cosmo, NY Times, SELF Magazine, and Oprah, Makenzie and her companies have proven that embodying Spiritual Truths & Universal Laws *do* have a place within business. 

Makenzie is experienced and well-versed in various healing modalities & spiritual practices, including Plant Medicines, Meditation, Inner-Child Work, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork, Conscious Manifestation, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism & Sacred Space. 


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