Nov 16th Cacao Ceremony - MAUI, HI @ 5pm, Hosted by Makenzie & Michael

Nov 16th Cacao Ceremony - MAUI, HI @ 5pm, Hosted by Makenzie & Michael

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Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony

Join us on Saturday November 16th at 5pm for a two hour journey of ceremonial-grade cacao, breath-work, essential oils, crystal bowl sound healing, and soulful sharing.

This will be an intimate journey with a small but powerful group. Please show up ready to drop into sacred space. Michael and Makenzie are trusted Ceremony leaders that provide safe, loving space for you to journey the depths of your heart and receive messages from your Soul and from Mother Earth.

What: HEART-OPENING Cacao Ceremony

Where: Haiku HI (address given out before event)

When: Saturday, November 16th @ 5-7PM


  • Water bottle
  • yoga mat and/or blanket
  • crystals for grounding (optional)

Cost: $29

Please come on an empty stomach.



Upon arriving, you will receive your cup of KAKAO and sit in circle.

You will get an intro to ceremonial-grade cacao & we will answer any questions you may have.

We will do an opening blessing & intention-setting, leading into a short guided clearing meditation.

Upon drinking your cacao, you’ll be invited to set your personal intention(s) for ceremony. The floor will open for any sharing of those intentions (for those who desire), All is welcome here, and we encourage everyone to share whatever is on their hearts and is desiring to be heard.

When you drink KAKAO, your body & heart opens to pure receptivity of love, bliss & connection. This opening can sometimes be emotional- which we encourage & honor fully. KAKAO provides a safe space for you to feel, to express and to tune into your higher self.

Cacao is a heart-opener. You will notice that when combining cacao, breath-work and sound, you may receive downloads from your inner voice, you may remember something that desires to be healed inside of you, you will experience clarity & gratitude.

We will then transition into a powerful breath-work exercise, after which you will continue to lay down to receive the Crystal Bowl sound bath. This will last about 20 minutes or so and will be deeply relaxing.

While you will have a deep & loving experience, you can expect to be fully conscious in your body & aware. Cacao is very gentle and we find that people fall in love with its calming effects.

This is a space for you to take a break from the day-to-day tasks & responsibilities, and simply bask in pure connection from a heart space.

Opening our hearts to our true nature is the most important work we can do. As you continue this work in your life you can expect all areas of your life to deepen & improve.

If you know anyone in Maui that would be aligned with this work, please send them our way. We look forward to deepening our community on this sacred island and joining hearts and hands in devotion, prayer and celebration.


- M&M

Your Hosts, Makenzie & Michael

Makenzie and Michael partner with the plant-medicines (in this case, cacao), sacred sound, music, essential oils & breath-work to provide a deep, healing & enlightening experience for ceremony participants. 

Makenzie Marzluff

Makenzie is a conscious entrepreneur, Founder of DELIGHTED BY Desserts and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Makenzie is a voice for Mother Earth & shares Gaia's many plant medicines in ceremonies across the globe. Makenzie speaks on conscious business utilizing the wisdom she receives from the plants, and is passionate about sharing the essence of the plant kingdom with all who are ready. In ceremony, you can expect to feel safe, nurtured, inspired & empowered by Makenzie, her space-holding, her wisdom and her reverence for Gaia.


Michael McPherson

Michael is a modern-day healer who specializes in facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies, leading people through inner-child work, and speaking/writing about sacred sexuality, divine union and masculinity. Michael's presence is all-encompassing, and he is continuously revered for the way he holds space for deep processes. In ceremony, you can expect to feel safe, held & caught by Michael's way of setting sacred space and his fatherly presence.