Cacao Ceremony for Intentional, Heart-Centered Living. LOS ANGELES AUGUST 26 2017

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We invite you to join us for a magical night of heart-opening & connection with your Higher Self in intentional Cacao Ceremony.

Led by Makenzie Marzluff & Michael McPherson, you will enter into a Sacred Space where you can align with all of your desires & dreams for this lifetime. 

Our cacao (KAKAO ;)) is premium Ceremonial Grade drinking chocolate from whole, Criollo cacao beans. We source this 'food of the gods' from Guatemala, blended with 3 other Guatemalan ingredients: Panela, Mayan Chile & Vanilla.

This sacred cacao has been blessed by a Mayan Priestess according to the energy of the Mayan Calendar. It truly is a treat to all the senses, and will take you on a peaceful, blissful, transformative journey. The Royal Cacao Deva is gentle, but fierce in the most beautiful way!

Cacao is known to open the heart, tap one's creative channel, and bring them into the blissful 'home' of Self. 

Cacao is safe; completely free from Caffeine; soothes the nervous system & has been reported to decrease anxiety, increase circulation, clear the chakra centers, and be an aid in connecting to Oneself, to Others, to Nature and to Source. 


The Evening & What To Expect

6:30 PM: Doors open

7PM: Ceremony Begins

9:30PM: Ceremony closes

You can expect to set your intention, learn more about the Cacao spirit/how she can assist you in this journey called Life, and to leave feeling clear, open & delighted to be experiencing life on Earth. 

**Please bring a yoga mat and a journal/pen. Wear comfortable clothes.



1046 Princeton Dr. 

Unit 115 

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

*Upon signing up, you will receive gate code & parking instructions. 

Please contact Makenzie (480 436 2919) or Michael (810 869 1096) for any questions.




Makenzie Marzluff is a Conscious Entrepreneur who is passionate about merging the two worlds of Spirituality & Business. Her company Delighted By Hummus & non-profit KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate are breathing examples of just how good life can be when you choose to 'spread your glitter.' Featured in hundreds of articles including Cosmo, NY Times, SELF Magazine, and Oprah, Makenzie and her companies have proven that embodying Spiritual Truths & Universal Laws *do* have a place within business. 

Makenzie is experienced and well-versed in various healing modalities & spiritual practices, including Plant Medicines, Meditation, Inner-Child Work, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork, Conscious Manifestation, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism & Sacred Space. 


Michael McPherson is a Conscious Entrepreneur who is passionate about merging the two worlds of spirituality and every day life. When it comes to career paths, he’s done it all; from babysitting to construction, medical school to network marketing, real estate to personal and professional development coaching. With his experience he has strengthened a unique ability to listen powerfully, hear divine guidance, take aligned and inspired action, and be a channel for what desires to come through. He feels that he has been personally summoned by the Spirit of KAKAO to spread the power of her divine plant wisdom and to get KAKAO into the hearts of as many people as possible. His current passions include writing, speaking, meditating, planning community ceremonies, and diving deep into those unfathomable depths of all that we are. He believes that all people are children of the Universe and that each and every one of us was born to FLY.

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