'GOING INWARD' Cacao Meditation & Ceremony BRISBANE Mar 22-25

'GOING INWARD' Cacao Meditation & Ceremony BRISBANE Mar 22-25

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We invite you to join us for a magical evening of heart-opening & connection with your Higher Self in intentional Cacao Ceremony.

Facilitated by the Spirit of Cacao, we will enter into the Sacred Space of the Heart where you can align with all of your heart's desires & dreams for this lifetime. 

Our cacao (KAKAO) is premium Ceremonial Grade drinking chocolate from whole, Criollo & Chuncho (aka Native) cacao beans. We source this 'food of the gods' from Guatemala & Peru, blended with 3 other Central/South American ingredients: Panela, Mayan Chile & Vanilla.

This sacred cacao has been blessed with high-vibe energies of love, light, compassion, abundance, Truth, and unity consciousness. It truly is a treat to all the senses, and will take you on a peaceful, blissful, transformative journey. The Royal Cacao Deva is gentle, but fierce in the most beautiful way!

Cacao is known to open the heart, tap one's creative channel, and bring them into the blissful 'home' of Self. 

Cacao is safe; completely free from Caffeine; soothes the nervous system & has been reported to decrease anxiety, increase circulation, clear the chakra centers, and be an aid in connecting to Oneself, to Others, to Nature and to Source. 




161 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

ROOM # 727



Thurs March 22nd @ 6PM: Private TRINITY ceremony (members only)

Fri March 23rd @ 11am
Sat March 24 @ 7PM
Sun March 25 @ 11am


Shoes off at door please. Please come hydrated, with a bottle of water to sip throughout ceremony. Must RSVP here.


Exchange: $16 USD
Please register here by 'adding to cart' and selecting date of ceremony you are attending.
We are blessed to hold this space with you all!


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