Ceremonial Cacao, Essential Oils & Sacred Sound Healing with Ellie Seilern

Ceremonial Cacao, Essential Oils & Sacred Sound Healing with Ellie Seilern

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"Anything can be accomplished with breath and a relaxed nervous system." - Mother Ayahuasca

Bathe your body and relax your nervous system in the sacred healing vibrations of Ceremonial Cacao, Essential Oils, & Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in a cacao ceremony & sound healing event hosted by Ellie Seilern in collaboration with KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate.

We live in an ever expanding, on the go, get shit done kind of world and our nervous system is constantly being bombarded with stimulation from both our internal and external environments. The thoughts we think, emotions we feel, foods we eat, air we breath, water we drink and environments we expose ourselves to all impact our nervous system for better or worse, and eventually become a living part of us. 

At this point in time Mother Earth is asking us to slow down, breathe with ease, and bring love and nourishment to our precious nervous system. Why? Because it is through a relaxed nervous system and an open heart that we feel and receive the guidance of spirit. And now more than ever we're being asked to get quiet, listen with intention, & receive the inspiration meant to guide us along our path. Mother Earth is asking that we live, lead, earn, and give from the sacred space of our open hearts.

Come be nourished by this sacred plant medicine, essential oils, and these healing sound vibrations. Relax your body, rest your mind, and open your heart to receive the divine wisdom within you. Raise your vibe to receive more love and light into your body and come into even greater alignment with the energy of your source. 

Event Details:

DATE & TIME: June 13th, 7-9PM BST

LOCATION: 6 Church Row, Moore Park Road, London SW6 2JW

WHAT TO BRING: water, yoga mat, journal, and your favorite cacao mug!

COST: £25 per person

All proceeds as a result of this event will be donated to KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, a 501c3 registered nonprofit.

About Ellie:

"Ellie works with a combination of essential oils, flower essences, quantum alchemy crystal singing bowls and cacao, often in small, sacred gatherings, teaching others how to work with plants and connect back to Mother Nature".