Ceremonial Cacao, Essential Oils & Conscious Connection @ Isa Celebration in Nashville TN!

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We are delighted to invite our community- new friends and old - to these heart-opening cacao ceremonies during the Isa Celebration Event in Nashville TN!

What to expect during this 2 hour KAKAO ceremony:
• A sacred, safe, nourishing space to recalibrate your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual body using essential oils, ceremonial music, crystals & sage.
• Intention-setting
• Receiving the deep, heart-opening and profound plant medicine, Ceremonial Cacao made and blessed by the KAKAO team.
• Conscious connecting & sharing
•  The co-creation of our individual and collective desires for all areas of our life.
• A joining of like-minded souls where new, meaningful relationships can form.
• A high-vibe environment that contributes to opening our hearts further to our true essence and unlocking the magik within our DNA.
What to Bring:
• Water bottle full of water to stay hydrated
• If possible, yoga mat, cushion or blanket to sit/lay on
• Journal & pen
• An open heart and mind
• Please come well hydrated, without too much food in stomach.
Dates & Times
  • Monday August 6th @ 530PM: (Doors open at 530, please arrive no later than 5:45PM)
  • Tuesday August 7th @ 1:45PM: (Doors open at 145, please arrive no later than 2PM)
320 Broadway
Unit 201
Nashville TN 37201
  • Red building; Located only 8 mins walking distance from Music City Convention Center!
  • For questions leading up to the ceremonies please contact Maura McCabe: email: maura@flykakao.com; text/call: ‭+1 (203) 952-6992‬


Energy Exchange

$33 per ceremony
Spaces are limited to 25 people per ceremony