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CERAMIC MUGS (Small Batch, Local)

CERAMIC MUGS (Small Batch, Local)

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There is something about holding a hand-crafted, ceramic mug in the palm of your hands. Filled with the most delicious ceremonial grade cacao of course. It just makes my ceremony feel that much more present, lush, special.

Yesterday as I was walking through target I noticed all the mugs for $3-10 each, some quite lovely yet stamped with that made in China sticker and every one exactly the same. We’ve become so far removed from who makes our goods, so this ceremony shop was my way of establishing closeness with pure artisans.

The good news is that here in Montana, all of the ceramic mug makers are in high demand…yay! Especially because the process of making ceramic mugs takes a huge amount of time and effort. It’s no industrial factory that’s for sure.

We are super grateful to Carter with Bare Minimum Ceramics for saying yes to collaborating with us and offering her incredible animal print mugs, which I fell in love with here at a local shop last year.

She has poured her love and labor into these mugs for our KAKAO tribe.

XO, Makenzie

This is a limited edition offering. 

IG: @bareminimum.ceramics

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    Due to our product being a food item, all sales are final and non refundable. We encourage customers to taste and work with KAKAO intimately before ordering a bulk bag. Please note that we source our cacao from wild farms and the taste may change from time to time. Please allow for a small adjustment period, especially if you’ve been working with other types of cacao recently. The taste and aroma of cacao changes drastically across the board depending on the type of bean and harvesting methods used. KAKAO is committed to sourcing directly from small wild farms and honoring the origins of this sacred gift from Mother Earth.

    Thank you for your support of KAKAO and the joint mission of restoring heart-openness in the world.


How to make KAKAO

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How is KAKAO different from the cacao powder at the store? Learn what true ceremonial grade cacao is and what makes it so powerful.


Bring KAKAO into the workplace.

Makenzie & Michael McPherson, co-founders of KAKAO, are traveling throughout 2022 to bring cacao workshops into corporations and small businesses globally.