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This training, previously the Facilitator Embodiment Course, has been completely updated and refreshed. The new title is CACAO STEWARDSHIP COHORT.

In the etymology dictionary:

Stewardship = "Responsible use of resources in the service of Love."

Cohort = "Band of Warriors of Light"

Join Makenzie and special guests to learn how to be a genuine steward of the medicine of cacao. This course has been crafted to support your purpose-driven leadership and philanthropic mission in the world.

Includes 5 recorded calls + includes bonus resources, PDF guides, etc.


Do you desire to share cacao with others, whether it be your loved ones or with your community at large?

Are you eager to deepen your work with cacao and integrate the medicine into all areas of your life?

This container is for anyone that is already hosting cacao ceremonies OR anyone new to facilitation that would like to learn how to incorporate KAKAO into their offerings with integrity and confidence.

The intention for this container is to pass along the wisdom that Makenzie (and guest speakers TBA) have gained from 7 years of sharing cacao with thousands of men & women worldwide.

The course will include (but is not limited to) how to create sacred space, the core values upheld in every container, and the key principles for cultivating truly transformational offerings.

You will walk away from this container feeling more confident to host your own cacao circles with integrity and humility. This course is intended to empower you in offering your gifts to your community in a bigger way, while holding you accountable to being truly embodied in the wisdom of cacao and your Soul's Truth.

Below is a general overview of what topics are included in this course (but not limited to!):
  • What is "ceremonial grade" cacao?
  • Science and benefits of heirloom, whole bean cacao
  • Contraindications and addressing liability in your circles
  • KAKAO story, mission and featuring the farmers & teams on the ground
  • "Cultural appropriation" and how to share cacao with the world while maintaining the upmost respect and reverence for all involved
  • How to structure cacao circles for small and large groups
  • How to make cacao for small and large groups (includes shopping list and written instructions)
  • The core values & principles of holding sacred space for others
  • How to introduce the power of cacao to many difference audiences, no matter their background or beliefs
  • Ideas for sharing Cacao in corporate settings
  • Using discernment with collaboration
  • Awareness of codependency, boundaries and people pleasing in facilitation circles
  • What is Integrity and how do we uphold it in every area of our lives?
  • What is a "warrior of light" and how do we embody this archetype?
  • Humility and Honesty - The new paradigm of Leadership
  • Shadow Integration
  • BONUS: Guest speaker(s) TBA!
  • BONUS: Conscious Business Foundations 101 & 202 (we cover Sovereign business structures, money/receiving exchange, marketing & sharing your offerings, creating a loyal tribe from authenticity and more)
  • And much more!

Hosts & Guest Speakers

Paola Ucelo is a Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist, poet, and mentor of leadership and transformation. Through her initiation in eastern and Earth-based traditions, she integrates the most effective concepts, and healing modalities offering people tools and perspective shifts to design a life in alignment with their highest vision. Her work is not just in you feeling empowered but about seeing the results through fulfillemtn in your everyday life. Whether it’s through her life changing 1:1 & group containers, art and retreats - Paola’s work is an offering of love and service to the empowerment of our collective. One passage at a time!  Website. Instagram.


Joy Saavedra is a board member of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate and long time custodian of Cacao. Joy is known for her humble leadership, heart-centered way of living, ability to meet anyone where they are at, and wisdom in sharing cacao with anyone no matter what their background is.


Makenzie Marzluff is the author of How To Lead A Badass Business From The Heart and GAIA My Homegirl. Makenzie is the Founder of KAKAO Drinking Chocolate and is on a mission to share the power of whole bean heirloom cacao with those that need it the most. Makenzie considers herself a devout student of the Earth/Gaia, Hawaiian culture and living in accordance to the principles of Aloha. Website. Instagram.


Yuki Lyons is an incredible cacao ceremonialist that has traveled throughout Guatemala, completed multiple trainings, and hosts hundreds of people in cacao ceremonies alongside well known musicians, healers and artists. Instagram @heart_open_cacao


Course Exchange
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A safe space to drop into your heart and receive.

Meet your soul family ~ like-hearted humans that can elevate your spirit, mission and gifts.

Permission to express your full self and be met with unconditonal love and acceptance.

Deeper connection to self and others through a conscious sharing circle facilitated by Makenzie/guests

Learn more about whole bean, heirloom drinking cacao and cultivate a deeper relatonship with it.

About Us and Our Style of Facilitating

Our spaces are a zero-fluff space to simply drop in and connect with other like-hearted humans.

We intentionally cultivate an inclusive space that allows people from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate fully.

We are passionate about 'keeping it real.' We are committed to embodying a truly grounded, calm presence, free from spiritual ego or performance.

We believe the cacao and the group as a whole facilitates itself organically, while we get the honor of providing the safe container for the beauty to emerge naturally.


What is KAKAO and how is it different?

Learn what true ceremonial grade cacao is and what makes it so powerful.

  • Return Policy

    All KAKAO Product & Ticket sales are final and non refundable nor exchangeable.


    Please note that we source our cacao from wild farms and the taste may change from time to time. Please allow for a small adjustment period, especially if you’ve been working with other types of cacao recently. KAKAO is committed to sourcing directly from small wild farms and honoring the origins of this sacred gift from Mother Earth.


    *NOTE ON MELTED KAKAO: If you receive your KAKAO and it has melted back into paste/block form, please click here for instructions. There are no refunds or exchanges for melted KAKAO, as it is entirely safe and up to par with our standards of taste, texture and quality.