1 LB bag Panela

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Panela is a natural sweetener that is high in minerals and known in Central & South America for its healing properties. It is the traditionally used sweetener for ceremonial cacao.
Panela is to be used with our Pure Peruvian KAKAO.
Our favorite recipe for a deep cacao ceremony: 
+ 38 grams pure KAKAO
+ 11 grams Panela
+ 1 tsp vanilla extract
+ Pinch cayenne
Please dose according to your body’s unique needs. If you are more sensitive, or doing a shorter ceremony, you can go down to 28 grams of pure kakao. For longer, deeper ceremonies you can go up to 42 grams (please allow around 4-5 hours of journeying).
More about Panela:
  • 100% Unprocessed, Artisanal Cane Sugar that is Unrefined and Certified USDA Organic.
  • A Product of Colombia with one single ingredient: organic, dehydrated sugar cane juice.
  • A More Nutritional Natural Sweetener that is non-centrifugal.
  • Leading Mineral Natural Sweetener in Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, & Zinc.
  • The way cane sugar is supposed to be, Just Panela cane sugar is hand cut, hand kettled, hand crafted. That means no industrial collection or processing. Just Panela cane sugar retains the natural characteristics, knows as "terroir" (pronounced; 'ter-war'). This means a product of nature retains its taste from the soil, climate, and region from whence it came. When white, turbinado, and brown sugars are centrifugally refined the good is thrown out with the bad. That includes the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

    A bit about where we source panela from:

    At Just Panela we strongly believe in the philosophy that “what grows together goes together.” Our USDA Certified Organic unrefined cane sugar from Colombia, otherwise known as ‘panela,’ is sourced in the same region where your Colombia Arabica beans are grown. Panela’s robust, earthy taste makes it the best sweetener available for KAKAO.