Spirit of KAKAO

KAKAO (the spirit of cacao) is a white & gold goddess dragon. When you drink it, she invites you to come fly her. And more accurately, she invites you to literally step into her so you can 'put a new skin on' and then spread your wings and FLY. 

When you are up there flying her, you are practicing going further distances by keeping your wings open for longer periods of time without rest. This flight is an analogy for life: in order to experience 'heaven on earth,' you must keep your heart open.

When you're up there flying, you are reminded of your absolute freedom; you are reminded of the divinity of this planet; you are reminded of how beautiful it looks when you co-create with Source; you are reminded that you ARE a divine creator, and that you are here to be of service. When you are reminded of these things, you naturally choose to once and for all step into your creative channel from the highest intentions.


''My big-picture vision with KAKAO is for more people to work on re-opening their hearts, because from the heart is where we give and receive love. And when we give and receive unconditional love to all, that's when we are one with God/source/Divine/Creator. My vision is that more people recognize that their god-given gifts are to be used of service - my vision is that creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, etc can use the KAKAO as a tool for stepping more fully into their creative genius for the greater good of all.'' -Makenzie Marzluff


What KAKAO wants you to remember:

You are ROYALTY. 

You are GOLDEN. 

You are a Divine Creator. 

Keep your heart open for the most expansive flight. 

You were meant to fly. 

Breathe through it all: the wind, the rain, the sunshine. All you have to do is keep your heart open & breathe. 

Keep your head forward. As you fly down the river, there is so much beauty to take in; you'll miss it if you keep looking back for everyone else to catch up with you.

You are wisely FIERCE.