Module 5: Holding Sacred Space & Incorporating Essential Oils Into Your Ceremonies- An Interview with Sound Healer & Ceremony Facilitator, Ellie Seilern

In this module, I interviewed the gorgeous Ellie Seilern, an experienced ceremony facilitator and a true leader in her community through her beautiful offerings (reiki, cacao ceremonies, sound healings & essential oil workshops)

Ellie is such a grounded & embodied leader. I truly took so much away from our conversation.

We covered:

  • Providing the most sacred, lush, relaxing space for your ceremony attendees
  • How to incorporate essential oils into your ceremonies
  • Building in-person community & why it’s important
  • Charging for ceremonies
  • Various formats & structures for cacao ceremony
  • Leading with Integrity & in true communion with the plant spirits
  • Facing your fears & stepping up as a ceremony facilitator even when you don’t ‘think’ you’re qualified.

…And so much more. 


Essential Oils in Cacao Ceremony, by Ellie Seilern

Essential oils are a beautiful ally to Cacao and the two work symbiotically within ceremony. Just as we receive wisdom from the Cacao Spirit, we can access the ancient wisdom available to us from each and every plant. When we work with a plant in essential oil form, we are able to work vibrationally with the plant. It’s an powerful way to communicate with and benefit from plants that we are very familiar with and ones that we may not be!

Envision the Cacao circulating around the body, so too will the oils be; the aromatic compounds work like little keys able to unlock bodily systems and can greatly assist the Cacao in shifting and moving blocks. You can also consider the vibrational power of the oils. Each oils holds a specific vibration and will work powerfully on the energetic, auric fields of each person. 

Although every essential oil would be a powerful addition to a ceremony (and I recommend consciously choosing your oils before you begin based on your intuition or on the information available to you) there are several that I have found to be particularly potent and relevant to healing patterns that often surface within a cacao ceremony.


White Fir: the oil of generational healing

Geranium: the oil of love and trust

Rose: the oil of divine love

Frankincense: the oil of truth

Jasmine: the oil of sexual purity and balance (assists with the release of sexual trauma)

Neroli: the oil of shared purpose and partnership

Wintergreen: the oil of surrender

Sandalwood: the oil of sacred devotion 


How to use oils within ceremony:

There are several ways to integrate the oils and this depends on how many are present. Essentially, you want to create the opportunity for each person to inhale each oil purposefully and consciously whilst being guided by you. 

For larger gatherings where you may not be able to reach everyone, you can place a drop of oil onto a single tissue paper and seal it within a bag until the moment arrives to pass around that oil. Let’s say you are using 4 different oils and there are 15 attendees. You create 15 single tissue papers for each oil, a drop of oil on each. Then you seal all the tissue papers into a little baggie, 4 baggies for the 4 different oils. That will keep the oils and the aromatic compounds sealed. When the time comes to use each oil you simply open the baggie and pass it around, inviting everyone to take one tissue out and begin inhaling deeply from the tissue. You can also blend 2 oils together on each tissue, to create, say, 4 different blends. Tune in ahead of the ceremony and ask the Cacao Spirit for guidance and intention for that ceremony and select the oils that you feel will be most relevant to the group intention.

For smaller gatherings, you can pass around each bottle of oil and guide everyone to place a drop into their cupped hands and inhale deeply. Again, if you are planning to use several oils, you might feel that in order to have a “fresh” olfactory experience with each oil it might make more sense to pass around the tissue papers for people to inhale so that each oil experience is new (i.e. you are not layering oils on top of each other on your hands). But either way is lovely.

Another way you can invite people to use them is topically. You can guide people to place a drop of Geranium oil on their hearts to facilitate deep opening of the heart chakra. You can also show people how to place a drop of the higher vibrational oils like Frankincense or Rose on to the third eye or drip one drop on to the crown.

A really grounding thing to do at the end of the ceremony is to pass around a wood oil like Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Arborvitae (any wood oil, really) and invite people to inhale deeply, or rub into the bottoms of their feet. This really helps to ground us after such a powerful experience and just drop back into the here and now. 


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