Module 3: Ceremony- What It Is And How To Lead A Group

In Module 3 we dive into the topic of Ceremony.

What is Ceremony?

What does Ceremony mean in every-day life?

How do you lead a group ceremony?

We outline an example template in this module for leading a group. Please do not hesitate to add/modify anything to suit your unique offering.

Before listening to this module, listen to this beautiful song.

Ceremony Checklist:

  • Sage
  • Music/speaker
  • Ask your attendees to bring a water bottle, to be hydrated, and to bring a yoga mat/meditation pillow if applicable
  • Cups, KAKAO & Tools to Make For a Group (More in Module 4) 
  • Essential Oils & Diffuser (More on this is Module 6)



Ceremony Template Option:

Our beautiful friend, Steph Abrams, holds sacred cacao ceremonies in her town in Minnesota. She has generously provided her ceremony template:

  • As people come in, they get smudged with sage.  I like to do “pass the sage” so whoever the last person was to get saged, they will sage the next person that arrives.  That has proven to be a good ice-breaker as it invites people to be of service, and the chain gets the group connected. 
  • I always have a deck of oracle cards out for people to be able to pull a card and receive a sweet message from their Soul.
  • Once everyone has arrived, been smudged, and the KAKAO has been handed out we sit down in our circle around the sacred ceremonial space.
  • I thank everyone for coming and then I lead us in some deep breaths to all create the container together with our collective breath.  I ask people at this time to consciously bring the energy down from their head and into their heart as they’re breathing. I usually have a song playing while we do this.
  • For the Blessing, I call in the spirit of Cacao and other Angels and Guides that I feel called to invite and all the Souls of those that present. 
  • I speak of KAKAO and Cacao and other speak of other plant medicines for those that are new to the information.  
  • We go around and introduce ourselves and speak our intentions into the circle. 
  • We go into whatever the theme of the ceremony is.  For example, if it’s a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, full moons are a powerful time for releasing what no longer serves us.  So I allow people to share what’s on their heart about whatever they are aware of that they know they feel ready to release (for example, it could be a grudge, behavior, habit/addiction, limited belief, toxic relationship/friendship).  After those who wanted to share have finished, we take some quiet time (I once again turn the music back up at this time) to write out what it is they are releasing (this sometimes looks like a letter to someone forgiving the person, forgiving themselves, or a letter of intention to release a behavior/addiction, whatever it may be).  Depending on the weather we may go out and have a fire to burn the papers in the fire of transmutation. 
  • At that point it’s usually been a couple hours so I close out the ceremony, thank everyone for coming and thank them for taking the time to do something loving for themselves!

Follow Steph on IG; Join her Minnesota Cacao MeetUp


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Example Opening Blessing:

Great Spirit, Thank you for bringing us all together in this circle. We ask for a bubble of protection to form around this circle as we sit in ceremony. We call upon all our angels, guides & ascended master-helpers to be here with us now; we invite & invoke the spirit of cacao and welcome her into our hearts for healing, connection & revelations. We give great gratitude to Mother Earth, Gaia, and we ground into to the connection of the Earth as we go about this ceremony. May we be pure channels of light and love, and know that as we heal ourselves tonight, we heal the world. We come forward open, humble, present & ready to step into our fullest, purest selves. Aho.


Next Up: Module 4, Making KAKAO For A Group + Inviting Your Community