Module 2: Everything You Need To Know About Ceremonial-Grade Cacao

In this module, you’ll get to hear the entire tree-to-cup process. You will be astounded by how much goes into harvesting cacao & making it into your heart-warming, delicious cup of KAKAO for ceremony.

What makes cacao Ceremonial Grade?

  1. The strain of cacao that is grown/harvested
  2. How the cacao is processed
  3. The energetic blessing

We have our own facility in Peru where all the ingredients are freshly harvested & processed using the ‘method’ that we came up with ourselves. In this module you’ll learn about that method in detail.

We also share about the KAKAO mission, which includes protecting the native strains of cacao. These strains have become endangered due the commercialization of modified/man-made strains that are easier to scale for monetary gain, and we are out to reverse that through increasing demand, paying over-fair prices to farmers, and education.

As you begin to share cacao with your community, this module's information will come in handy to share the differentiations between various sources of cacao.


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