MODULE 1: Intro To Program + Prerequisites

In this module, Michael and I give an introduction to our newly announced KAKAO Ambassador Program. We share our personal stories in how ceremonial-grade cacao came into our lives and how it has greatly benefited our hearts. We then share our incredible journey of birthing KAKAO, our beloved non-profit, into the world.

This program is not an exact template for how you ‘should’ lead cacao ceremonies, but rather a reference for inspiration to get started.

The spirit of cacao is a feminine plant-medicine that will guide you, co-create with you, and lead you into your specific offering for the world.

The main prerequisite for this program is simply to form a relationship with the spirit of cacao. Let her start working in your life, on your body, and through your heart.

We wish you an open & profound journey as you step deeper into your gifts, as you leverage the power of this plant medicine to activate & amplify your soul purpose, and as you heal all the parts of yourself that fear being seen for who you really are.

Thank you for trusting us. So much love & gratitude.

Makenzie & Michael


Bonus Resources To Support Your Journey Of The Heart
Our next Virtual Ceremony

Guided Meditations by Steve Nobel

The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys have provided a strong container for deep transformation, and continue to impact our lives in incredible ways. After sitting in over 40 plant medicine ceremonies, the Gene Keys work was/is deep integration & stepping into true embodiment of everything I learned & was initiated into. I often say that it’s the closest thing to an Ayahuasca ceremony, without having to actually drink medicine.

It can seem intimidating at first, but go slow, trust, and surrender to the fact that this isn’t a ‘quick fix’ but rather a lifelong journey.

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  3. Start your Golden Path (3 Parts) Online

Essential Oils

We have fallen in love with the alchemy that happens when you mix kakao + oils in ceremony. We find that our ceremonies are more potent than ever, and this alchemy further supports our nervous systems, emotional support and energy levels. 

Learn more here.


Next up: Module 2, Tree To Cup- Everything You Need To Know About Ceremonial Grade Cacao