Module 6: Be Compensated By Mother Earth For Your Ceremonies & Service

This Module is all about receivership.

Are you ready to know your royalty? Are you ready to circulate resources through you and your family in a way that feels like true freedom? Are you ready to upgrade your abundance story & let Mother Earth’s resources flow into your life with ease?

Charging for your ceremonies, whether it’s $15 or $100 per person, is a sure way to cover your ceremony overhead. You can also utilize your ceremonies as a platform to share your other gifts, services and offerings.


What if you want to create a wider portal of abundance that is flowing every day out of the year, maybe even for generations to come?

In this module we go into some deep money codes & discuss a scalable business model that I’m beyond proud to offer forward.


Before reading onward, please listen to the above audio in full.

After listening to this Module, as promised, I’ve provided some more info and next steps regarding Team KAKAO.

Team KAKAO is a community of light-workers, healers & creatives that desire to play big, serve big, and receive big. This community of self-motivated leaders is passionate about plant-medicines and is here to restore balance on our planet through their offerings. They are reverent, willing & ready. They love the team circles, but also lean into the fear of going out on their own. They are tested and stretched, often, and it is always worth it. They give themselves deep permission to be who they were really meant to be, and to spread their glitter in the world in a way that feels rich and satisfying to their souls. They are supportive, intimately connected, and heart wide open. They are curious, compassionate and collaborative. Above all, they know they were chosen for this and nothing will stop them from showing up for this very important mission.

How does Team KAKAO serve?

Team KAKAO provides safe spaces for people to heal &  re-open their hearts through circles we call ceremony. The individual team members use their voice, their intuition & their unique gifts to offer these ceremonies to their communities, primarily in person but also online when aligned. These circles bring forward the power of gentle plant medicines, including ceremonial-grade cacao and pure essential oils. These plant medicines are at the heart of everything our team does.

The members of Team KAKAO also hold simple workshops to educate their community about the benefits of incorporating KAKAO & doTERRA essential oils into their daily lives. Most of the team members are passionate about generational healing, empowering their loved ones, and communing with Mother Earth's plants to prevent/treat anxiety and tap into intuitive guidance.

Our team mission statement:

We are called by Gaia, the spirit of Mother Earth, to advocate for and educate about her plant-medicines that we know to be powerful allies throughout the human experience. Our mission is to share the alchemy of ceremonial-grade cacao and pure essentials oils with our communities in order to calm nervous systems, open hearts, assist emotional healing, empower the creative spirits & enrich lives.

Our vision at Team KAKAO is an interconnected global network of heart-open humans that feel accepted, loved and seen. Furthermore, we envision true heaven on earth where poverty, depression, illness, & war extinguishes so that peace, balance & harmony prevails. While we know there are many paths to getting there, we also know it must be through one portal: the heart.

What does joining Team KAKAO, in partnership with doTERRA essential oils, encompass?

  • Leadership Calls with Makenzie & Michael, plus ongoing support
  • Exclusive (and private) audio modules on business, money, leadership, healing and more.
  • Virtual group cacao ceremonies
  • Access to the training, information & resources that have been created through many successful women of Team Bliss over the course of several years.
  • Constant invitation into your full, embodied leadership.
  • Energetic support in bringing your vision to life.


If you’re a hell yes to serving your community in this way, here are some next steps:

  1. Learn more about Essential Oils & Where To Start here.
  2. Order your first set of oils. Exciting!! Info here.
  3. Learn about, feel into, & experience everything you can about these pure & potent bottles of plant medicine. This is my favorite book on the Emotional Healing properties of every oil.
  4. Let a vision download into you that rocks your soul so much that you simply cannot ignore it.
  5. Team KAKAO is here when and if you’re a 100% yes to the next level of your leadership, to serving & using your gifts more than ever, and to stepping into aligned, abundant, rewarding, balanced action.
  6. 100% in? Schedule a vision-casting call with us by emailing with your name, location & a bit about vision/intention!

We love you.

- Makenzie & Michael


Next Up: Bonus Module, 'Lay Down & Receive'- A Guide On Working Sound Healing In Your Cacao Ceremonies, feat. Aydin Rahmi