KAKAO's mission is to make sacred drinking chocolate available to the western world, in the way Mother Earth intended-- from whole, organic, native cacao beans. The vision we hold dearly is heart-centered creativity & the rise of consciousness assisted by this sacred plant. Cacao WILL heal the planet!

The Founder of KAKAO, Makenzie, is on a mission to get as many people as possible this delicious, magical elixir. From inception, the intention has been to re-invest 100% of KAKAO profits into various projects that support cacao farmers & community. As KAKAO has evolved, we now allow the royal cacao spirit to 'guide' us in how the resources are circulated each month. Our promise is that 100% of the profits are re-invested into the following:
- Donations of KAKAO drinking chocolate to lower-income individuals globally.
- Monetary support to our cacao farmers, beyond the 'fair-trade' prices already in place. 
- Reforestation & other Environment-focused projects. We love Momma Earth & take full responsibility to respect & protect.