'Restoring the Heart Into Big (and Small) Business' MAUI HI JUNE 15-16 – KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

'Restoring the Heart Into Big (and Small) Business' MAUI HI JUNE 15-16, 2019

Hello! My name is Makenzie & I'm honored to invite you to my 2019 event that has been downloading in with so much excitement, ease and passion. 

Me: A conscious entrepreneur who is passionate about heart-centered leadership & creativity. Founder of Delighted By Hummus and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Cacao enthusiast. Voice for Mother Earth & all of her blessings, from plant-medicines to essential oils to the trees and beyond. Speaker on the new paradigm of big (and small) business. Human being with one opinion: #lovewins.

Who This Event Is For
Conscious entrepreneurs
Business owners

    About this Event

    Instead of the word ‘event,’ a better description is: ceremony.

    A ceremony where you realign with the sacredness of your business.

    A ceremony where you remember your greatness; realize your birthrights of abundance, creativity & love; and most of all, know what it feels like to have your heart wide open in the world of business.

    A ceremony where the neural pathways in your brain change to be in alignment with your true divine nature.

    A ceremony where you release & move on from old thought-patterns, outdated programming & society conditioning.

    A ceremony where you see & feel all that is possible. You realize that miracle-consciousness & magic is real, and you become ready to BE a part of it again.

    A ceremony where you breathe, fully & deeply.

    A ceremony that will change the course of your life, completely.

    A ceremony that may be confronting or scary at times, but that teaches you the art of surrender.

    A deeply immersive experience between you and your business/vision/service for the world.

    A sacred womb-space in which you’ll co-create, receive profound downloads, and adjust your cells to match the frequency of your incredible entity/business/vision/art.

    A ceremony that will be held by myself and a few other guardians to ensure your experience is safe & complete.

    a R E C E I V I N G.

    What you can expect

    While I don’t know exactly what will channel through in this beautiful event, I am setting intentions for this container to include the following:

    I will share my personal stories & journey unto heart-centered enterprise. I am prepared to share it ALL.

    You will receive wisdom around money & business that I have been blessed with in dozens of plant-medicine ceremonies and in many years of navigating the business world in my ‘new paradigm.’

    You will walk away fully believing that you can create from your heart, can lead from your intuition, can create your life in full balance, and can thrive financially/materially all at the same time.

    We will talk a lot about:

    • Money/sacred resources
    • Raising capital/conscious shareholders
    • Team-building & managing employees with grace
    • Channeling an entity: what that means & how to do it
    • Leading your business 100% from your intuition
    • Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine in business (both matter!)
    • Inner Child work & why it matters in your business
    • Anxiety & nervous system talk
    • The new way of Accounting/Bookkeeping
    • The art of Surrender when things ‘go south’
    • The art of Receiving is the new 'hustle’
    • Authenticity within work relationships
    • Sacred Agreements
    • Finding & using your voice
    • Following your fear
    • The new way of Marketing
    • Accessing your spirit-squad & invisible helpers
    • Monetary growth versus Organizational Evolution: why both matter equally
    • + other pillars of conscious enterprise & heart-centered leadership
    • + so much more

    I will hand you the list of all the resources I’ve used (and still use) along my journey.

    I will record the content and send it to you after the event, for your continual access.

    You will come deeper into your creative channel and tap into your highest calling in this lifetime.

    You will be deeply focused on your Inward, individual journey. While you will meet beautiful people at this event, the true purpose of this ceremony is to discover deeper aspects of you and your service to the world. Meals & breaks will be done in pure silence. This is my way of holding the container for you. I intend to provide a sacred womb-space for you to be fully present with yourself and everything you’re integrating from the storytellings.

    You will be given time at the end of each day to ask your questions whether they are general or specific to your beautiful business.

    You will be given time to put your feet on the Earth. The lands of Maui will be incredibly supportive for receiving & integrating the transmissions each day. Maui represents the heart chakra of the islands, and is also known for bringing through the Grace of the Divine Mothers + leading people into deep womb/hara healing so that you can be a purer & clearer vessel for all that is love and light.

    Why I am leading this event

    I believe that business can and will change the world & has the power to bring us fully into unity & Oneness with all.

    If more light-leaders lean into business (big or small) with open hearts, courage, & belief that the new way really works, then we will co-create heaven on earth.

    Our products, services & messages are sacred. We were given our vision for a reason. Our souls signed up to bring these visions through in this lifetime, and it is time that we get out of our own way & birth in absolute freedom, delight & prosperity.

    My heart is yearning for more leaders, business owners, and others in ‘power’ to embody these teachings. I am ready for a world where spreadsheets don’t make decisions, but human hearts do. I am ready for us to use our voices & sing our truths no matter what environment we find ourselves in. I am ready for the workplace to also be a place where people confide in each other, share their feelings, express honestly, feel appreciated & seen, and are tapped into their zone of genius. I am ready for a work environment where confrontation is actually an invitation into intimate communication & deeper relationships. I am ready for big and small business to step up into what is possible. I am ready to see businesses cease all competition with each other, and embody real collaboration for the Greater Good of All. I am ready for businesses to work for a mission of service that is bigger than themselves. One that is even more important than ‘protecting the family heir.’ We are ONE family, and it is time to start thinking beyond the walls of our own homes. I am ready to see businesses and creations be birthed for the sole purpose of serving the people & planet as a whole: And most of all, I am ready for the people who are already doing this (you), to receive the monetary & universal support that mother earth is trying to circulate their (your) way.

    This is the first event I have ever done. While I like to focus most of my creative time on birthing & managing my entities Delighted By Hummus, KAKAO (and more in the works), I am being guided to use my voice and pass down the wisdom I have been blessed with through this delightful event. I don’t know if I will continue to do events like this; all I know is I am being told to offer this one to my community, so here I am.

    Plus, my three entities, Delighted By Hummus, KAKAO & REQUESTbar all have specific codes they want to pass along to each of you. They will be super present energetically during the two days, as they have been my ‘court’ to play ball on. Each of them are embedding in different codes, teachings & blueprints into the current planetary grid, and this is an opportunity for you to receive these codes and start benefiting from them now.

    little sneak peak of their voices….

    delighted by says: love wins.

    KAKAO says: simple is best.

    REQUESTbar says: do what scares the shit out of you.

    Considering it is my first event, I decided to do it on my birthday, June 15. I am turning 31 and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

    Tentative Itinerary

    June 14: Optional Welcome Day: Baldwin Beach & Dinner at Makenzie & Michael's house in Haiku

    June 15: 7am-9pm >> EVENT including KAKAO Ceremony & Dance, Business 'Storytelling' Transmissions; Nature & Meal Breaks in Silence; Fireside Q&A

    June 16: 7am-9pm >> EVENT including KAKAO Ceremony & Dance, Business 'Storytelling' Transmissions; Nature & Meal Breaks in Silence; Fireside Q&A

    June 17: Optional Integration Day in Nature with Makenzie & Michael: Hiking & Waterfall in Haiku


    Intimate Event, 33 tickets only

    This event is capped at 33 people.

    As a ceremony, it’s important to keep the numbers low enough in order for me to hold the sacred space that each of you so deserve.


    The investment of this 2-day event is $444.*

    It will be a full two days, but the intention is for it to feel spacious, delightful & deeply nourishing.

    *Does not include accommodation, flights, or car transport.

    Venue & Accommodations

    This event will take place at Lumeria Resort Maui: A beautiful, sacred property connected to nature & surrounded by crystals and high vibes.

    Chef-driven meals on June 15 & 16 included in your ticket purchase.

    This is a zero technology zone, meaning no phones or computers are allowed on site until the last night’s fireside chat. 

    Accommodations: I have secured group rates at Lumeria for June 14-17. Extended nights at this rate are possible depending on availability. We highly encourage all event attendees to stay at Lumeria for these nights, at the event will be long days & is about a 30 minute drive to other accommodation options.

    Upon securing your ticket, you will be redirected to a private #Slack App.  In this group we will be arranging your accommodations with you. Plus, you’ll be able to interact with the people attending in the case you’d like to partner/bunk up or plan transportation together.


    What else is included?

    • Delighted By Hummus tasting table (yum)
    • KAKAO each morning
    • REQUESTbar samples
    • Lunch & Dinner on both days
    • At-home video experience that includes all recordings of the event

    Please bring:

    • Yoga Mat
    • Beach Towel
    • Mug/keep-cup
    • Journal & pen
    • An open heart
    • Your intentions

    Your (physical) spot in the circle

    There are 33 souls in a circle going on a journey— together, but alone —all at once.

    Within this ceremony circle we co-create, receive, heal, transmute, realize & become our truest nature, preparing to LIVE LIFE AS THE CEREMONY, especially in our businesses.

    This circle is p u r e  l o v e.

    If you are reading this now, know that you will be a divine element of this circle, whether you are physically present or not.

    If you tap into the vision of the circle, and you see yourself in physical form sitting there, please reserve your spot by clicking the button below.

    Thank you for trusting me with this ceremony.




    This event is sold out.