KAKAO Ambassador Program Completion

Congratulations! ❤️ We are honored by your participation in this program and we are so excited for what you/we are creating together. Thank you for serving the beloved cacao goddess 🌎

And THANK YOU again for trusting us.

The world is at a turning point right now, and YOU are a part of the shift. You are also a part of leading for the next hearts that are ready to open. Trust yourself, be yourself, lean in, devote whole-heartedly, surrender over and over again, BELIEVE, and remember....#lovewins.

Join us for our next virtual cacao ceremony on May 29/30.


Ceremony Directory Listings

Do you run in person ceremonies or cacao events in your city?

If you have completed the Brand Ambassador Program, you are invited to submit your events & ceremonies to our website directory.

To submit, please email Willow@flykakao.com with:

  • Event Location
  • Event Date & Time
  • Event Description
  • Personal bio of you and any other facilitators
  • Photo you’d like to use as Main Event photo (if you don’t have one we can pick one of ours for you)
  • RSVP info (who they contact to book or a link to your website/pages)
  • Price


 KAKAO Ambassador discount

We are offering a 10% discount on KAKAO to anyone who has completed the full ambassador program and will be holding a ceremony. Please email willow@flykakao.com with what you took away from the program and the details of your next ceremony. She will provide you the discount code.


Bonus Module: Essential Oils - Makenzie's Story, Favorites & How-To