#GivingTuesday: FB LIVE on CONSCIOUS GIFT-GIVING Nov 28th w/ Peta Kelly, Makenzie Marzluff & Michael McPherson

Hop on over to Peta Kelly's FB page on Tuesday Nov 28th for a bad-ass rap on Money, Circulation & Conscious Gift-giving between PK, Makenzie Marzluff & Michael McPherson. 

What: FB LIVE in honor of #GivingTuesday

When: Tuesday Nov 28th @ 5:30pm PST/7:30pm EST

Where: Peta Kelly's FB Page, on LIVE https://www.facebook.com/petak

Why: To inspire & educate our collective tribe to circulate consciously as we go into the biggest time of the year for consumption. 

Bonus: All donations made on the KAKAO website through the end of the year will be split between KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate & another not-for-profit foundation, founded by PK herself. She will be speaking about his on the LIVE! 



Where can I donate?


When I donate on KAKAO's crowd-rise campaign, what will the funds be used for?

All funds through the rest of the year are split between KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate & a not-for-profit foundation by Peta Kelly (more info following). KAKAO's donations are circulated towards operational expenses i.e. cacao beans, native ingredients and sustainable packaging + future on-the-ground projects in Peru & Guatemala in our efforts of helping save native cacao strains.

Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt when I donate?

Yes, Crowdrise will send this to your automatically, which can be submitted directly to your accountant for tax deductible purposes.