What is KAKAO? 

KAKAO is a high-vibe, ceremonial 'drinking chocolate' (100% whole-bean Cacao, criollo variety) sourced from & processed in Guatemala.

Simply stir in hot water, drink, and FLY. Delight in the magical taste AND the blissful vibes.

What is KAKAO used for? 

1. Functionality: Increase energy, creativity & blood circulation
2. Spirituality: Assist heart-opening, meditation, consciousness, & connection.

What is the HISTORY of Cacao in Guatemala?

Criollo Cacao (the purest, highest-quality variety of 'chocolate') has been used for thousands of years by the Maya & Guatemalan cultures for health, spiritual use, & even as currency. It is referred to as 'liquid gold.'

How is KAKAO different from other sources of cacao/chocolate? 

1. KAKAO is 100% Criollo variety of Cacao. The Criollo was the first cocoa tree domesticated by Mayas over 3000 years ago. The chocolate derived from this variety is of the highest quality, classified as one of the finest flavoured chocolates.  Many cacao farmers across the globe grow trees that produce lower quality chocolate because they are more resilient to disease, produce higher yields, thus are more likely to guarantee a good harvest. Fine cacao (Criollo) accounts for only 5% of world cocoa production, and ONLY grows in Central America.  

2. The WHOLE bean is used for our drinking KAKAO, meaning higher nutritional value, a higher vibration, and more noticeable effects upon drinking. KAKAO is not considered 'raw cacao powder,' and in fact is much more potent, sustainable, healthy & powerful.

3. Our method: KAKAO is sourced, processed and blessed by a local Mayan Priestess in Antigua, Guatemala. Her name is GG; she is a badass who is in love with criollo cacao & who is passionate about creating the best product possible according to the Maya calendar.