KAKAO in ISAGENIX Australia & New Zealand

As of early-mid 2019, KAKAO will be partnering with Isagenix & The Earthess Co for exclusive distribution in Australia & New Zealand. Read onward for more information.

KAKAO meets ISAGENIX Australia/NZ

A Memoir

+ all the juicy details….

by Makenzie Marzluff


My name is Makenzie. I am the founder of KAKAO, and I co-channel the entity with my beloved, Michael McPherson. To learn more about our story, the product & the mission, visit www.flykakao.com

Today we announced that we are officially partnering with The Earthess Co under a specific line of products within the Isagenix (Australia & New Zealand) offerings, hand-selected by Peta Kelly herself.

I bring to you this memoir, knowing that our community is always looking for 100% transparency & understanding.

From Day 1, the community has respected KAKAO and our ceremonial-grade product for its integrity, ability to open the heart, and overall mission. 

We started KAKAO as a USA 501c3 non-profit in order to protect the farmers, communities and sacredness of the plant itself. Since doing so, we have been blessed to meet people from all over the world who are benefiting from this heart-opening, ceremonial drink.

Side Note >>  read here if you need further explanation on any of these terms:


{Peta Kelly} : PK we call her. Australian mumma & wife. Badass channel & creator of The Earthess Co, Jeaniius, The New Way LIVE, and author of Earth Is Hiring. For a full picture, follow her on Instagram @petajean_ and read the foreword I wrote for her book: 

''When I first discovered Peta Kelly, I scrolled through her Instagram page like a kid in a candy shop. Wide-eyed at her posts (aka mic-drops of wisdom), I could hear her voice through the screen - so fierce and powerful yet so inviting. I remember being in disbelief at not only the way she spoke so high-level, but that she did it in such a bad-ass way. Not to mention with 100% humility; NO spiritual ‘better-than-thou.’  I instantly felt a deep respect for Peta and the way she serves the world.

By the time I met PK in person, I had been channeling Delighted By Hummus - my ‘chief entity’ as PK calls it—for over a year. I had the privilege of being connected to her event, The New Way LIVE. As I dished out dessert hummus for her attendees, I listened in the back awe-struck at what she was rapping about on stage. Her words reflected the exact theories I’d been applying to Delighted By since inception….but because I had never heard any one else speak/write about them, I was shocked to hear them come out of her mouth. I had in fact only been introduced to these trinkets of wisdom through dozens of Ayahuasca ceremonies. In these ceremonies I was invited to see my entity (Delighted By, a ‘her’) as separate from me; to get out of my own way and simply ‘be the channel;’ and to remember that abundance is my divine birthright. I had been applying these concepts to my entity, but to be truthful, wasn’t speaking about them publicly because my head was down - focusing on the business itself. What Peta calls ‘the New Way of business’ was already really working for me, so to hear her bring these messages to her tribe left me with ‘thank god someone is talking about this.’ Not only did PK bring it all to the next level for me; she also gave me the freedom to keep doing what I was doing - to stay focused - because now I knew that Peta was getting the real message out there.

As my friendship with PK developed, my respect continued to increase. The way she connects to her tribe so authentically & humbly is next to none. She is a daily invitation into being more thoughtful, compassionate, big-thinking, and wild. How can someone up to so much ‘epic shit,’ also be so there for her loved ones, while also staying radically committed to her own happiness? Peta doesn’t get up on a platform to preach; no, she stands up tall and asks ‘how can I serve today, in the way I speak, write, nourish my body, and circulate resources?’  You can count on Peta to not just envision change, but to be change; count on Peta to not shame the current issues, but to co-create the exact world she desires; count on Peta to do her ‘magic’ by simply recognizing her own responsibility in it all. Last but not least, you can count on Peta to be the first to claim her humanness & imperfections; I love the way she can recognize it, bring it forward playfully, and remind us to not take ourselves too seriously.

It’s hard to find the words to explain just what Peta means to me. She is the voice of our generation. She is a true initiator. She has been trusted with one of the most important messages of our time. We are all listening to Peta, and for good reason. We trust her because we can feel that Mother Earth trusts her. When I tap into PK’s old soul, I feel a brilliant, extra-terrestrial, galactic goddess that united with an indigenous, tribal earth-shaman—who then morphed into a thought-leader with extra swag and humor. I love her fierceness that she has for the planet, for humanity, but above all for herself. PK gives us permission through her example to live a super badass, abundant, FUN life, while also making a difference. I know it wasn’t easy, however, being the one that went first—which is why I bow down to her courage.

Peta hasn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg of what she is bringing through in this lifetime. It’s pretty insane to think about, when you recognize the thousands of lives she has already impacted.

One time I asked Peta if I could be the one to introduce her to stage at a future event of hers. I just wanted the chance to publicly announce just how epic this human really is, especially now that I had seen her realness & alignment ‘behind the scenes.’ Peta is honest AF; she is committed to her own alignment no matter what people think about it; she is open and authentic about her real-life experiences; and she has boldly said yes to speaking up. When PK asked me to write the foreword to her book Earth Is Hiring, I bawled my eyes out on the beach. And I’m crying as I write this now, because to me, Earth Is Hiring is the most important book ever written. To give my ‘blessing’ to PK’s big, beautiful, aligned voice in this way is one of the top honors of my life.

All that is left for me here is sincere gratitude to my lion twin, Peta Jean Kelly. PK- you are one in a trillion. I have taken on you & your life-mission as personal commitments and top priorities; which is why I am infinitely grateful to Erik as well, for his unconditional love & presence in overseeing the earth-angel you are (you deserve the best). You constantly teach me and inspire me, and above all you leave me/my Soul with the constant message ‘keep going.’ Thank you for being my family; thank you for being a guardian & cheerleader for my entities; thank you for connecting the dots for so many people by simply spreading your beautiful wings and flying. I am so fucking proud of you.





Peta is also the wife of Erik Coover, the son of Isagenix Co-Founders Jim & Kathy Coover. Peta was exposed to Isagenix at the age of 23 and became one of the youngest Australian Isagenix Millionaires, inspiring thousands throughout the company on how to live, lead and earn with integrity. After marrying Erik 5 years later, she has taken it upon herself to continue to give back to Isagenix as a company with her creations & constant innovation.     


{The Earthess Co}: A Platform for the women who nourish the world, to be nourished—through wisdom offerings, conscious community, beautiful & high-vibe products and more. The Earthess Co offers an iphone/android App (apply here), and Nourish events all around the world for women to gather.

The Earthess Co is its own separate entity ran by Peta and her team, however it will soon be offering specific ‘Earthess’ products under the Isagenix catalog in Australia and New Zealand.

Every product under the Earthess line, is hand chosen by PK as something she loves, uses regularly & wants to see more of in the world. 

{Isagenix}: An international health & wellness company that aspires to offer physical & financial freedom to individuals all over the world. This company is rich with culture, integrity and story. I share more later on my relationship with Isagenix and how it came to be where it is now. Find Erik Coover, owner, on Instagram here.


Let’s take it back a bit…

I was introduced to Peta Kelly by my dear friend, Jocelyn, in May 2016.

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman were some of the first investors in my company Delighted By Hummus.

Many people ask me how Jocelyn & Aaron were able to invest at such a young age. And I always respond with ‘’Because of Isagenix.’’

Jocelyn & Aaron were the first ones that introduced me to Isagenix; I always respected their passion, drive & team, which ultimately resulted in them becoming shareholders in DBH. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I started using a few of the Isagenix products- mainly the vegan shakes, ionix & greens.

It was of course through Isagenix that Jocelyn knew of Peta, and we ended up being connected in person at her event The New Way LIVE.

The first time I sat down with PK she said ‘I was just telling Erik that chocolate will heal the world.’’

Exactly, I thought- a bit shocked because this was my deep truth, and hadn’t heard anyone else state it with so much knowing before.

I had been presented the KAKAO vision about 6 months before this meeting, and asked by cacao herself to bring her to the western world in a bigger way.

Throughout my friendship with PK, I shared my journey of KAKAO in live-time. She later was put on our board of Directors, because there was no one else I trusted more to really get what ceremonial-grade cacao is, and help us uphold the KAKAO mission.

It was also through my friendship with PK that I got a behind-the-scenes peek into the #real-life of Isagenix as a company. Witnessing Peta’s journey with Isagenix was pretty incredible, especially as an outsider. It was from this standpoint that I got to really decide for myself whether to give Isagenix my energetic ‘blessing’ or not (not that they needed it, lolz). Over time, through my own discerning eyes, Isagenix got a massive blessing & great amount of respect from my heart.

Looking back, I see how much Isagenix as an entity was calling me, and now KAKAO, in…

I actually met Michael, my incredible partner, through Jocelyn & Aaron…who knew him through Isagenix, of course.

PK shared KAKAO on her instagram and with her community often, which connected Michael and I to a ride-or-die tribe, most of which are in…Isagenix, of course.

Michael and I started holding KAKAO ceremonies in hotel rooms at Isagenix celebrations & events….not because we were necessarily going to the events, but because our community within Isagenix requested it as a ‘heart-home’ to connect in even deeper. We met tons of other Isagenix associates through these ceremonies, many of which are now dear friends and soul tribe.

Peta invited us on her Earth Is Hiring book tour so that every attendee could have a cup of KAKAO and so that I could speak with her on Conscious, Heart-Centered Enterprise. Again, more exposure to the Isagenix community.

After her Australia events, we flew to Brisbane for our last stop….Australia Celebration 2018. We were holding some ceremonies, but Michael and I had this strange feeling that something big was about to happen.

PK and I went to the park with Sol (her starseed) one day during the event. I told PK about a dream I’d had the night before with a vision of a KAKAO bag that said Earthess on it. From there began a big, exciting conversation around Earthess offering some products within the Isagenix catalog, and the possibility of KAKAO being under that offering.

Side note: KAKAO is my baby. This product and mission is literally my soul’s purpose. I am super protective over it; I am very clear as to how we must source the beans, make the product, and deliver it to the world. So it’s important to know that the only reason I was able to even entertain this conversation is because of my close relationship to both Peta and Erik.

Michael is the same. He gets really protective over KAKAO because he wants to ensure that there are always pure intentions, especially because he has witnessed a few heart-breaking parts of my journey where some people didn’t necessarily have pure and humble service in mind. Even as KAKAO has grown and therefore needed the assistance of others in making the product, Michael has had to consciously remind himself that these steps are necessary, and that him and I can’t be the only ones making it forever. As these Isagenix conversations started, even Michael in all his fierceness for KAKAO, has felt intuitively just how pure & beautiful it is. 

It goes without saying that this collaboration started on a very strong foundation of trust.

Peta and Erik believed in KAKAO from the very beginning, and they just knew it would be an invaluable addition to Isagenix. They introduced the idea to the executive team right away…and from there the journey really began.

Michael and I had extensive conversations with the corporate team at Isagenix, and even brought in Matt, our on-the-ground cacao bean supplier in Peru. We presented to Isagenix everything that was important to us:

  • KAKAO’s story & mission to save native strains of cacao
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of ceremonial-grade cacao.
  • The type of cacao we source, and why.
  • The production methods we came up with to make KAKAO with integrity.
  • How to share KAKAO with others while also respecting the sacredness of the plant.

Through these conversations, Isagenix quickly agreed to secure the rest of the native cacao harvest in Peru for the year. (Amazing, right). 

I write this memoir, from Peru, as we are now starting an entirely new production facility in Lima.

Up until now, Michael and I have been stone-grinding KAKAO in our place in LA. Since Isagenix said yes to a full launch in Australia and New Zealand, we have decided to completely transition KAKAO production to Lima. 

Exciting (& Reassuring) Facts About This Collaboration…

  • Michael and I are overseeing everything for this project. As a part of our contract with Isagenix, we are at the forefront of all decisions, to ensure KAKAO is seen out as it should be.

  • We are sourcing the exact same beans (native cacao called Chuncho), at over-fair-trade prices, here in Peru.

  • Isagenix will be shipping Australia & NZ customers this product on shore, meaning our KAKAO tribe in these countries will get their product much faster, with lower shipping costs.

  • KAKAO the 501c3 non-profit will be receiving $1 per bag of KAKAO sold under the Isagenix platform. Because Isagenix has taken over all of our overhead (cost of equipment, cost of materials, travel expenses etc), this means that the $1 per bag goes directly to on-the-ground projects in Peru & Guatemala.

  • Michael, Peta and I give approvals for all ‘marketing materials’ and ‘how to share’ resources, to ensure this product is shared integrally & genuinely. We will be conducting KAKAO ceremonies all over Aus/NZ + regular virtual offerings in order to educate the field properly.

  • The KAKAO brand and Dragon symbol will still be an integral part of the product packaging. For Australia & NZ, you will see the KAKAO brand merge with Earthess as one truly divine collaboration. #sisters

  • The Isagenix executive team has been incredibly generous & receptive of Michael and I. Despite the fact that Isagenix is a multibillion dollar company with many levels of leadership & compliance, they took the KAKAO & Earthess projects on quickly and excitingly.

  • KAKAO will be made exactly the same way we have always made it. We are using literally the exact same stone-grinders and equipment, just multiplied by three in order to produce these large orders. Our partners in Peru will be utilizing a large team of Peruvian employees- meaning it’s a win-win-win for everyone. 

From our heart to yours….

This collaboration with The Earthess Co and Isagenix is not something I take lightly. I am over-the-moon excited and deeply moved by it— thank goodness my nervous system will have had an entire year to catch up to it all by the time the product officially launches.

I have so much gratitude in my heart….of course to PK for trusting us with this. To Isagenix for saying yes. To the whole community for being so supportive & fun.

Thank you, Isagenix, for building a solid, strong, abundant foundation that products/brands like KAKAO and Earthess can safely fly from.

Thank you, Isagenix, for being the kind of organization that is willing to evolve, quickly.

Thank you, Isagenix, for listening to Peta and trusting her wisdom & connection to the Earth.

Thank you, Isagenix, for allowing my #jeaniius to flow with more ease and lightness. Your resources (through associates Aaron & Jocelyn) funded my dream to launch the first dessert hummus to retail shelves, and now your resources are supporting me to be even deeper in my true soul’s calling. To make and serve cacao, to bring humanity into their hearts, and to protect these native strains….is everything to me.

Thank you, Erik, for listening. I can always count on you to listen to me and to be a solid rock of protection and truth.

Thank you, PK, for being the most open vessel of light, unity consciousness, and innovation. Doing this with you is a dream. come. true.

Thank you, KAKAO tribe, for all the support, love and fun you have provided every step of this journey. Without you, there wouldn’t be a point. You have fanned my flames, you have received me in ways I never could have dreamed of; you’ve provided nourishment & deep fulfillment to last a lifetime.


Makenzie and Michael

Keep reading for more details & FAQ about this collaboration…

Video: ERIK COOVER, Owner of Isagenix, discusses what KAKAO & Earthess means to the company; PLUS his personal testimonial about KAKAO and how it has impacted his life & marriage. 


Video: PETA KELLY-COOVER, Founder of Earthess Co and wife to Erik, shares her story with KAKAO, the full Earthess download, plus tons of inspiration & all the juicy deets about the collab of the century :) 




For All KAKAO Customers NOT in Australia & New Zealand:

This collaboration with Isagenix will not affect you, yet.

Our intention is to open up more countries with Isagenix in the future.

Native cacao beans come in very limited quantities, which is why we must take one country at a time. In addition, we are not using big manufacturing facilities to produce this product at scale, but rather honoring the initial process we pioneered in order to protect the vibration of the cacao itself.

Over time, cacao farmers in Peru will be incentivized to grow Chuncho Cacao simply because of the order quantities that Isagenix is placing. This is exciting for the farmers/community, and for the other countries that Isagenix serves.

Our intention will always be to respect what Mother Earth is providing naturally, and in that we know we cannot force supply.

In the mean time, you can continue to order KAKAO on our website www.flykakao.com



When is KAKAO becoming an official Isagenix (Australia/NZ) product?

Our hope is to make KAKAO available in the Isagenix ANZ catalog by early 2019.

Because this entire project requires a brand new production facility and innovative production methods, we ask the community to stay open and patient. We are doing everything on our end to ensure this product is available asap, while also ensuring it’s done with excellence and care.

How much will the product cost at retail and wholesale?

We are still working with the Isagenix team and production here in Peru to understand the true and final costs. Please stay tuned.

I live in Australia/New Zealand and am not a part of Isagenix. Can I still order from your website?

Once the official product launches in Isagenix ANZ catalog, you’ll only be able to place an order through Isagenix’s website. We will share details on our website on how to order your KAKAO once the Isagenix launch occurs. Our intention is to make it as simple as possible, so you can continue to get your product regularly.

You can order through www.flykakao.com until this launch.

I’d like to sign up as an Isagenix product user and/or associate (any country). How do I do this?

You can email us at maura@flykakao.com with your intentions, desired products and other details you’d like to include! Please include your name, address & contact number.

*Please note: We can only sign you up if you are not already an Isagenix user or associate (in the last 12 months).

How can I learn more about KAKAO now?

Read through our entire website at www.flykakao.com and order some product to begin incorporating into your daily practice.

Our greatest recommendation is to start working with KAKAO personally - because the power is in feeling it. Our website explains how to hold daily ceremony for yourself, and much more.

Also follow us on Instagram for resources and announcements: @kakaodrinkingchocolate

How do I hold KAKAO ceremony for my community?

On our website www.flykakao.com, you can find guidance to lead ceremonies under our FAQ section.

We will also be placing ‘how-to’ videos and further education in the Isagenix back-office very shortly.

All other product & KAKAO questions can be answered at www.flykakao.com or email maura@flykakao.com



We are conducting a tour of KAKAO ceremonies & ‘conscious biz chats’ all around Australia & NZ starting Nov 20, 2018.

By attending these in-person ceremonies, you will have a first-hand experience of the power of ceremonial cacao. After each ceremony, we will take a food break and then follow with a 2 hour workshop that provides education about KAKAO, how to hold your own ceremonies, how to share KAKAO with integrity, and the 5D ‘new way’ to build business consciously.


Click here for our entire tour schedule.



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