Bring KAKAO Into Your Workplace

Cacao, when curated properly, boasts enormous benefits for mental health, focus, performance, communication, creativity, mood, connection, and overall wellbeing.

We offer corporate wellness packages for small businesses and corporations desiring to deliver the benefits of ceremonial-grade cacao to their staff, executive team members, and employees.

Our team will travel to your place of employment, prepare a batch of KAKAO, educate each participant about ceremonial-grade cacao, and perform a live demonstration.

    Benefits to employers include:

    • Greater team moral
    • Inspired company culture
    • Improved performance measures
    • Employee longevity 
    • Healthier, happier, more satisfied and fulfilled employees
    • Coherence and synergy among team members
    • Greater company resilience
    • Enhanced adaptation to stress
    • Diminished stress in the work space
    • An environment of wellness
    • and more...

    Our 60 minute Cacao Workshops are customized to your needs. As a base, we cover an introduction to cacao, the science behind cacao, its benefits, how to make cacao and work with it intentionally, the power of intention, a short guided cacao experience, and a few minutes for reflective sharing.

    Virtual (Zoom) offerings are also available, however we prefer in person whenever possible.

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