Australia & NZ

Last updated 05/06/2019

New Zealand customers: We have found out that shipping & customs fees from Australian shores would actually be *more* expensive for you then it would be if you ordered from the USA. Please continue to order from the USA until we set up NZ distribution, which is in the works right now.

Australian customers: please read updates below.

We currently have a pallet of BULK product (both Peruvian Blend & Peruvian Pure) en route to Australian shores.

Our product has still not arrived, so instead of promising you all here that it will be done by X date, we are learning that this timing is so not up to us. Thank you so much for your patience.

Once the website is live, you'll be able to order 5KG Bulk Bags right on shore, shipping from the Gold Coast of Australia at

IF you'd like to place an order on our USA website in the mean time, you absolutely can. Please note that shipping can take up to 3 weeks, however if you are eager for your KAKAO, we do recommend you don't rely on the Australian launch as we have no idea when this will be launching now.

Once the website is live: If you desire to place an order for 1lb units of our Blend, you can do so from the USA website. For now, Australia on-shore shipping will only be our Bulk Bags. In our next shipment, we will be including 1lb bags. In the mean time, the best way to go about ordering your KAKAO is teaming up with your friends & family who love KAKAO and go in on a bulk bag together. We highly recommend this route, especially because many international shipments are delayed or even lost.

Our Bulk Bags of KAKAO are approx. 110 servings, and it lasts for at least 1 year.

STORAGE recommendation:

For extended shelf life & ultimate freshness, we highly recommend keeping your KAKAO in ziplock bags or air tight containers, inside of a fridge.

Please note, KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate is not liable for melted or negatively impacted product due to poor storage conditions.

We have been so excited for this launch for over a year now, and it's only just the beginning! Oh how we appreciate your patience and loyalty, more than you know.

So much love, always.

Makenzie and Michael