KAKAO Brand Ambassador Program

Well this is exciting! For years now we have heard from our incredible tribe that you desire education, resources & tools for bringing cacao ceremony to your communities.

So here we are: An intentionally curated set of audios, written instructions and bonus resources to assist you in bringing this medicine into more hearts & homes.

We've made it really easy for you. This program is open enrollment and completely self-motivated. Meaning you can bookmark this page and return to it time & time again, listening to the modules in order, working through it in your own time, and refreshing your memory when you need it.

There is no application process, because we believe in energetic filters & love how simple they make our lives & yours. We talk more about this in the earlier modules. We know that if you are guided to dive into this program, then you are definitely meant to be here.

We are SO grateful to your continued support, and for your willingness to step up and serve, lead and shine in this way. May you and the spirit of cacao FLY together in this next phase of our planet's evolution.

Click on these links one by one; please complete every module before moving onward.

All our love,

Makenzie & Michael



Module 1: Intro to Program + Prerequisites 

Module 2: Everything You Need To Know About Ceremonial-Grade Cacao

Module 3: Ceremony: What Is It And How To Lead A Group

Module 4: Making KAKAO For A Group & Inviting Your Community

Module 5: Holding Sacred Space & Incorporating Essential Oils Into Your Ceremonies- An Interview with Sound Healer & Ceremony Facilitator, Ellie Seilern

Module 6: Be Compensated By Mother Earth For Your Ceremonies & Service

Bonus Module: Lay Down & Receive'- A Guide On Working Sound Healing In Your Cacao Ceremonies, feat. Aydin Rahmi

Program Completion


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