Alchemy: KAKAO & Essential Oils – KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

Alchemy: KAKAO & Essential Oils

Cacao + Oils = Pure Alchemy.

    I recorded a short audio to share my story with essential oils & some info on how them to incorporate into your daily life & ceremonies:


    Michael and I use pure essential oils (Mother Earth's plant-wisdom in concentrated form) daily in our KAKAO, on our skin, diffused in our spaces, in the shower...and much more.

    There are many benefits, but the most meaningful for us include:

    • vibrant & clear skin
    • calm nervous system
    • emotional release
    • deep breath
    • access to sensuality
    • improved communication
    • infinite creativity
    • ....the list goes on.


    My Favorite Oils Right Now

    I am obsessed with dozens of essential oils, but here are some of my current go-to's, along with their emotional properties (these lists do not include all the anti-aging, digestion support, glowing skin or immune function benefits!)

    • Frankincense: The oil of Truth & Divine Father
    • Lavender: The oil of Calm & Communication (Speaking your Truth)
    • Hawaiian Sandalwood: The oil of Sacred Devotion
    • Peppermint: The Oil of A Buoyant Heart
    • Myrrh: The oil of Mother Earth.
    • Grapefruit: The oil of Honoring The Body
    • OnGuard Blend (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon): The oil of Protection, which includes the oil of Abundance (wild orange), oil of Boundaries (clove) and oil of Sexual Harmony (cinnamon)
    • Jasmine Roll-On: The oil of Sexual Purity & Balance


    Best Oils to Drop Into Your KAKAO*

    • Grapefruit
    • Wild Orange
    • Peppermint
    • Spearmint
    • Cardamon
    • Ginger
    • Frankincense
    • Casia
    • Black Pepper
    • Pink Pepper
    • Green Mandarin
    • Lavender
    • OnGuard (cinnamon, clove, wild orange)
    • Rose
    • Tara's two fave combos: Peppermint + Frankincense // Cardamon + Cinnamon + Ginger (chai cacao)

    *Please only use certified oils that are safe for ingesting.

    Thank you to my friends below who contributed their wisdom & recommendations for the best essential oils to use in KAKAO.


    Order and Receive Your Oils

    Option 1: Click here and search/add your individual oils of choice at Retail Price.

    Option 2: Click here to get 25% off by ordering Wholesale. There are no strings attached or repeat orders needed to maintain your wholesale discount.

    1. Select 'Wholesale Customer'
    2. Select Your Country
    3. Choose your enrollment kit 
      • If you don't want a Kit, that's OK! Start adding the oils that suit your Soul, throw in a diffuser if you need one, and you'll incur a $35 enrollment fee that includes a book & pays for itself in your first order.

    4. Order the Emotions & Essential Oils book if you don't already have one. I ordered mine on Amazon.


    ***Please do not select 'Advocate' account when checking out. Unless you're a 100% heck yes to being on our team, TEAM KAKAO, in bringing these plant medicines to your community (and being compensated for it). If sitting with Michael and I in Leadership & Service to Mother Earth is calling you, then please complete our KAKAO Brand Ambassador Program here and email me at once finished. So much love. - Makenzie


    Why DoTerra?

    DoTerra means 'of the Earth,' which is exactly what their organization stands for. Like KAKAO, DoTerra sources native plants only. For instance, Sandalwood grows natively in certain parts of Hawaii and India, therefore DoTerra owns the farms & sources their Sandalwood only in these regions. They work with the local communities & own all of their farms to ensure a 100% transparent supply chain. Beyond the sourcing values that so align with KAKAO's non-profit mission, these oils simply call to me. Just like cacao does. Intuitively my heart & body is a yes, which is probably why I've been consistently exposed to them for years through some of the most courageous, humble, inspiring & beautiful women I know.

    About Makenzie:

    A conscious entrepreneur who is passionate about heart-centered leadership & creativity. Founder of Delighted By and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Cacao enthusiast. Voice for Mother Earth & all of her blessings, from plant-medicines to essential oils to the trees and beyond. Speaker on the new paradigm of big (and small) business. Human being with one opinion: #lovewins. 

    About Michael:

    Founder of Humanity Media: A Podcast For Men & Anyone That Knows One. Speaker on Sacred Sexuality, Pornography Addiction and More. Michael offers virtual & in-person 'huddles' for men to share openly, connect authentically, and step into their heart-centered greatness.