Refund policy

All sales (products, tickets and services) are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable, including the cost of shipping.

KAKAO's ceremonial grade cacao is very rare & labor intensive; as a registered non-profit, we cannot issue refunds or exchanges under any circumstance.

Please note that we source our cacao from wild farms and the taste may change from time to time. Please allow for a small adjustment period, especially if you’ve been working with other types of cacao recently. KAKAO is committed to sourcing directly from small wild farms and honoring the origins of this sacred gift from Mother Earth.

By agreeing to these terms at check out, you agree to provide an accurate address & ensure your product can be delivered properly.

Please note: Hot climates can cause product to melt. In this case, the KAKAO is perfectly safe to consume. Please see our FAQ page to learn how to chop it up and weigh for use.

Thank you for your reverence for the cacao & all the hands that went into the harvesting, creating, exporting, importing, warehousing, shipping & managing the product and non-profit organization.