HEART-START 2020: 4-Week Ceremonial Program with Various Facilitators – KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate
HEART-START 2020: 4-Week Ceremonial Program with Various Facilitators

HEART-START 2020: 4-Week Ceremonial Program with Various Facilitators

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We are so excited to not just kick-start 2020, but to HEART-START the new decade with a beautiful offering that was birthed out of collaboration with some dear friends and leaders in the community.

This program was designed to assist you in:

  • Leading with your heart in every area of your life.
  • Becoming more receptive to the flow of miracles, easeful creation, and boundless prosperity 
  • Activating your gifts and invoking the courage to bring them out into the world.
  • Taking risks to live a more fulfilling, authentic life from your Soul.

Registered participants will receive email reminders for the following Live sessions + recordings of each to keep forever.

Sessions to take place via Zoom video in January 2020

Week 1: January 4th @ 2pm PST

Gene Keys GENIUS-HEART-PROSPERITY Session with Makenzie Marzluff & Michael McPherson

Week 2: January 16th @ 5pm PST

Breathwork Session with Leslie Medley

Week 3: January 21st @ 12pm PST

Conscious Leadership and Business Wisdom Offering with Candy Wheeler

Week 4: January 28th @ 11am PST

SOLGA Yoga Class with Rachel McLachlan


HEART-START 2020 Facilitators

Makenzie Marzluff

Founder of DELIGHTED BY Desserts and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Makenzie is a voice for Mother Earth & shares Gaia's many plant medicines in ceremonies across the globe. Makenzie speaks on conscious business utilizing the wisdom she receives from the plants, and is passionate about sharing the essence of the plant kingdom with all who are ready.


Michael McPherson

Co-Channel of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate and Co-Founder of KAPU, an app for the conscious community to commune. Michael is a modern-day healer who specializes in facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies, leading people through inner-child work, and speaking/writing about sacred sexuality, divine union and masculinity.


Candy Wheeler

International Conscious Biz & Leadership Coach, Founder of The Warrior Women Community & Warrior Women Retreats, Overall Cool Chick

Connect with Candy on IG @ candy_wheeler


Leslie Medley

Co-Founder of American Wanderlove and Wanderlove Retreats, International Breathwork Facilitator & Speaker, Sattva Yoga Teacher, Freedom Living Coach, & favorite title—human. Leslie is a world-traveling gypsy who loves nothing more than wandering barefoot in the jungles abroad, immersing herself in foreign cultures or guiding individuals into freedom… the best kind of freedom— personal freedom, freedom from self. Some of her favorite facilitators are adventures, international travel, yoga, meditation, nature, & of course, KAKAO.
Connect with Leslie:
Facebook: Leslie Medley
YouTube: @americanwanderlove
Rachel McLachlan


Rachel is an International SOLGA Yoga guide and Intuitive Soul Alignment Coach. Through utilizing her intuitive abilities, Rachel activates and guides individuals to the full embodiment of their Soul. Studying and practicing sacred movement has been a key part of her life since childhood; innately knowing the connection of the body, mind, & Soul.

SOLGA is Sacred Medicine, born from the Earth and connected to the Cosmos. Through an exclusively tailored flow it allows the space to receive the wisdom from an individuals Soul in collaboration with Gaia and the Great Spirit. Unlocking the unique codes that each human embodies.

Connect with Rachel on IG @ rachelmclachlan.me