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Ascension Blue Lotus Ceremony Spray introduces an alluring floral aroma that is formulated to activate and empower your unique expression of sacred soul codes. Mixed with a delicate blend of euphoric blue lotus and subtle notes of sensual rose, Ascension carries a captivating presence designed to support Divine Sovereignty within all beings.

Revered as the flower of ascension, Blue Lotus holds a potent history of use in ceremonial practices dating back to Ancient Egypt. For thousands of years, this sacred flower was used by the ancient Egyptians in spiritual practices to reach higher states of consciousness. Symbolizing rebirth, the Blue Lotus flower was thought to help transmute fear while illuminating a path of divine connection and soul growth.

To this day the Blue Lotus flower is regarded for its mystical persona and offers a transmission of encoded ancient wisdom. The blissful aroma of Ascension stimulates third eye awareness while inviting a relaxed and heightened sense of intuitive clarity.

Invitations for use:  Shake well before each use. Spray onto cleansed skin or after applying makeup for a vibrant, dewy glow. Spray in any room to clear and energetically enhance your space. Use as an aromatic anointing spray to open channels of higher consciousness during any ritual or ceremonial practice.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Hydrosol, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Wild Harvested Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) Absolute, Gemstones. Each bottle of Ascension is infused with BioCharger technology and vibrational sound frequencies to harmonize and amplify the energetic presence of each ingredient.

Each Bottle of Ascension Contains Lapis Lazuli: A favored stone in ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was believed to lead the soul to immortality and open the heart to love.

Due to the natural quality of this product, separation may occur. Shake well before each use.

Size: 100 ML (3.4 oz.) Made by Goddess Codes / Bozeman, Montana, USA.

For inspiration visit @Body_Temple

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    Due to our product being a food item, all sales are final and non refundable. We encourage customers to taste and work with KAKAO intimately before ordering a bulk bag. Please note that we source our cacao from wild farms and the taste may change from time to time. Please allow for a small adjustment period, especially if you’ve been working with other types of cacao recently. The taste and aroma of cacao changes drastically across the board depending on the type of bean and harvesting methods used. KAKAO is committed to sourcing directly from small wild farms and honoring the origins of this sacred gift from Mother Earth.

    Thank you for your support of KAKAO and the joint mission of restoring heart-openness in the world.

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