Update on Australian Launch & other KAKAO happenings !!

With this cup of KAKAO, I enter into a deep state of appreciation, knowing that from this place is where the wisdom & alignment of my Soul channel through.  Keep reading for an update on Australia launch & other things!! 🇦🇺


Hi Aussie friends and KAKAO Tribe! Since the Australian part of the #EarthIsHiring tour with @petajean_ , we have heard your delightful and powerful requests to have KAKAO more available to you. We have been making more KAKAO than ever to keep up with the global demand (pinch me)...how does it get any better than this?

In our desire to serve you all consistently, we have began intentional discussions with a facility that will soon become KAKAO’s new home. Our promise is to always uphold the integrity and vibration of this product, even as we grow. 

We have decided to prioritize this transition, firstly, and then secondly we will be sending our first large batch of KAKAO to Australia for on-shore fulfillment. We are now expecting this to occur by mid May. We so appreciate your patience and support through this time.

In the mean time, you can still order on our website- which is the last batch being offered from our current headquarters in LA...truly infused with M&M energies. We had tears in our eyes as we finished this last batch, as the journey and humble beginning feels so incredibly dear to our hearts. We are honoring the sacredness of the trips to Guatemala and Mexico, the importing of the beans, the learning of the stone grinder, the moving it into our home in LA, the cacao-grinding late into the nights, and the passion we have been invigorated with from the tribe & this mission. Most of all, we bow in gratitude to the fierce spirit of cacao that has brought us to the depths of our souls and into our Sacred Union....

She has filled our home and invited us daily into further alignment. It’s been incredibly challenging at times, requiring the deepest surrender and wide open hearts. We have learned, expanded, celebrated, and re-birthed more than we can count anymore. Thank you, spirit of cacao, and to our royal entity, KAKAO.

Lastly, if you have been entrusted with resources that desire to be circulated consciously at this point of your journey, your tax-deductible donations to our nonprofit will assist with this transition to new headquarters including the shipping of our Molino Stone Grinder and raw materials, and flying in a Molinaro from Mexico to train us and the new staff. Thank you in advance for your consideration of support to this cause. www.crowdrise.com/kakao 



Makenzie & Michael