KAKAO questions: Product, Shipping, Wholesale & More!

KAKAO product questions

What makes KAKAO 'ceremonial grade'?

How do I prepare KAKAO to avoid separation/graininess?

My KAKAO showed up melted and hard in the bag. What should I do?

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I drink KAKAO?

Does KAKAO contain caffeine?

Is KAKAO organic?

Is your KAKAO considered raw?

What is the difference between your KAKAO and ‘raw cacao powder’?

I travel a lot and would like to have KAKAO on the go. How do you recommend I make this in an airport, airplane or on the road?

What is the blessing/energy for the current batch?

The KAKAO I received tastes different than I have had before. Why is this?

What is the difference between the KAKAO SIGNATURE BLEND and KAKAO PURE?

I am looking for Cacao Paste/a Block. Do you sell this?

What is the shelf life of your product? How do I store it? How many servings is your Bulk Bag?

Hosting a KAKAO Ceremony

Will you be running another facilitator program?

How do I make KAKAO for a group? What supplies do I need?

How do I create my own KAKAO practice?

What is an example KAKAO Ceremony layout?

Do you have a playlist of ceremony songs I can access?

How do I invite people to a cacao ceremony ?


Do you ship to my country? How much is shipping?

Do you have any stockists in Australia, Europe or Canada?

What happens if my KAKAO package has been lost, damaged or stolen?


Do you have an affiliate discount program?

Do you sell KAKAO at wholesale or do any bulk discounts?