KAKAO questions: Product, Shipping, Wholesale & More!

KAKAO product questions

How do I prepare KAKAO to avoid separation/graininess?

My KAKAO showed up melted and hard in the bag. What should I do?

I am pregnant. Can I drink KAKAO?

Does KAKAO contain caffeine?

Is your KAKAO considered raw?

What is the difference between your KAKAO and ‘raw cacao powder’?

I travel a lot and would like to have KAKAO on the go. How do you recommend I make this in an airport, airplane or on the road?

What is the blessing/energy for the current batch?

The KAKAO I received tastes different than I have had before. Why is this?

What is the difference between the Peruvian Blend KAKAO and the 'Guatemalan Pure cacao'?

Hosting a KAKAO Ceremony

I'd like to host KAKAO Ceremonies and am looking for a) your blessing to do so and b) more information on how this process works?

Can I purchase KAKAO at bulk discount for my ceremonies?

How do I make KAKAO for a group? What supplies do I need?

How do I create a sacred ceremony space?

What is an example KAKAO Ceremony layout?

Do you have a playlist of ceremony songs I can access?

How do I invite people to a cacao ceremony ?


Do you ship to my country? How much is shipping?

How do I track my APS International package?

Do you have any stockists in Australia, UK or Canada?

How do I track my APS International package?


Do you sell KAKAO at wholesale or do any bulk discounts?

Can I have some more information about Private Label?